W hen she founded Poullin avocats inc. in 2007, Karine Poulin was the sole lawyer for the firm and served mainly commercial and corporate clients, for the drafting, revision and negotiation of their contracts, the incorporation of their business, the updating of their minutes books and their corporate restructuring. Until 2015, she also represented her clients before civil courts and the Court of Appeal.

She also provides services to individuals in the areas of hidden defects, real estate law, civil and contractual liability, as well as in estate matters.

At the forefront, she is convinced that the majority of disputes should not be resolved before the courts. Therefore, she acquires the necessary training and skills to offer her clients more comprehensive services, which now include dispute prevention and resolution services through mediation and arbitration. She also offers dispute prevention and resolution consulting services to corporations to solve certain problems or improve the work environment within their organization.

Over the years, Karine Poulin has developed numerous business relationships with partners working in various fields, thus enabling her to respond to the needs and daily challenges of her clients. Whether for legal services in areas other than those offered by the firm, such as tax or criminal law, or for related services in the areas of financial planning, accounting, marketing or information technology, the firm will be able to direct you towards professionals capable of meeting your needs.

The firm welcomes students who have completed their studies at the Law School of Québec, allowing them to have an articling experience that enriches their learning and human relations skills and providing them with a unique opportunity to develop both their legal aptitudes as well as the skills needed to manage their practice.

Karine Poulin is also involved with young lawyers who want to start their own practice and who may require the assistance of an experienced lawyer for certain files. Whether for legal or evidentiary analysis, or to discuss strategy, young lawyers are assured of the valuable assistance they request and which meets their requirements.

To date, the firm has two lawyers and one assistant. We also work in conjunction with other law firms on major cases or as correspondent lawyers.